Stop saying “music isn’t as good as it used to be”


LCD Soundsystem, Miles Davis and an idiot can happily co-exist.

A friend of mine said to me today:

“Music isn’t as good as it used to be.”

I immediately went into the first stages of grief; shock and denial. How could this person be so stupid? That quickly led to anger, which did not dissipate as I entered the third stage – bargaining (or just good old argument). Continue reading

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Playlist // Can You Dance To My Beat


I love making playlists. It is a definite hobby of mine. It interests me, calms me, excites me.

This one I made for a Desert Island competition. Basically it’s a 20-person competition on a music forum I frequent whereby participants create a playlist, with a number of caveats – the maximum length is 2hr40min, equivalent to the length of two CDs, and you cannot use more than one song per artist.  Continue reading

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Review: ‘Mistaken for Strangers’ documentary // The National, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Feb 9


I had to ask.

“Hi Matt, I’m a huge fan of The National, but I’m also a huge fan of hip-hop. Do you listen to much hip-hop? Do you like Outkast?”

Matt Berninger, lead singer and frontman of Brooklyn-via-Cincinnati five-piece The National, was partaking in a Q&A session after the Melbourne premiere screening of Mistaken for Strangers, the psuedo-documentary put together by his younger brother, metalhead and amateur horror filmmaker Tom.

Continue reading

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Will Outkast play this setlist at Coachella? I can dream


In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a little excited that Outkast is reforming at Coachella. So excited, in fact, that not only did I buy a ticket to the festival, plus flights and accommodation, now I’ve tried to put together what I think would be my dream Outkast setlist. Continue reading

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Best Songs of 2013

Another year, another 12 months full of brilliant music. This is the first in a few year-end posts I’ll be doing for my blog. I can’t play music to save my life, so talking about it is my passion. Here I’ve listed my 15 favourite tracks of the year, plus a few honourable mentions. Some were chart-toppers, others required a bit of searching to uncover, but all were outstanding. Let me know your thoughts – what have I missed? What should have been my #1? Check the tunes out, you may find some new music to enjoy that will send you down a glorious path. Just don’t ask me why “Riptide” is absent.

Continue reading

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Paul Foot // Melbourne International Comedy Festival

I was intrigued by the title of Paul Foot’s new show, ‘Kenny Larch is Dead’. How, I wondered, would that tie in with the show? Who is Kenny Larch? Another of Paul’s alter egos?

As it turns out, the name is completely immaterial. Kenny Larch is mentioned once in the female voiceover, and never even slightly alluded to by Paul during the show. Continue reading

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Live Review: Neil Finn and Paul Kelly // Palais Theatre // March 6


“I had to learn narratives. You can’t get the verses wrong because then the story doesn’t make sense. Paul had to learn a few chords…”

Neil Finn, sitting at a piano side-on to the audience, is telling the crowd how he and his cohort for the evening, Paul Kelly, went about rehearsing for their tour. The audience responds with hearty laughter before Kelly steps up to the microphone, guitar-clad. “This is one of the chords I learnt. It’s quite good. I hope to use it in a song one day…” Continue reading

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